Causes Of Back Pain

June 18, 2019 Off By Victor Grubb

One of the most commonly reported health problem that directly impacts upon the regular activities is the back pain. Over the years the problem is reported among the people of all ages. Even the young girls and boys complain about the excessive back pain very often.  The back pain can start any time and can last for up to several days. The intensity and the treatment rest on the causes of the back pain.  Hence, it is very important to learn about the causes that are resulting in mild to severe back pain. The back pain can come any time to bother you even when you are doing thing and apparently not handling some tough task.  The worst kind of the back pain can last for as   long as three months. Sometimes apparently there is no reason behind the back pain but some minor issue is creating all the mess. If you are not sure about what is happening then it is important to consult some doctor or practitioner who can handle this problem. The common reasons and causes behind this back pain often reported during the diagnosis are as follows:

  1. Those who have to lift heavy loads quite often suffer back pain. This usually happens when the correct posture is not maintained. While lifting the weight the muscles can suffer from strain. The same happens with the spinal ligaments. Together this strain and stress of the muscles can cause muscular spasm that ultimately results in back pain.
  2. Natural construction of the spinal column and the bones is such that nature has ensured complete protection of the bones. This is made possible by the cushion system in the form of disks between the bones. The disks consist of soft materials. In case these bulge out or get rapture the nerves in between are badly compressed. This pressure on the nerves causes back pain. The disks are damaged or they get injured due to accidents. This reason is traced through the X-rays and similar methods.
  3. One common cause reported regarding the back pain is the     It is a medical condition associated with the joints. The joints in the spinal cord get swelled and thus the surrounding region of the spinal cord gets narrow. This is referred as spinal stenosis and is a common cause among people reporting frequent back pain.
  4. The spinal cord and the vertebral column are built according to a special structure. If this structure is not maintained then it can result in the back pain.  The spinal curves get irregular. This condition often happens in the people of the middle ages.
  5. The bones needs enough supply of the calcium, and Vitamin D. the deficiency can result in back pain due to porous and brittle bones.

Besides these the increasing age, unhealthy habits like smoking and unfriendly posture can also result in frequent back pain.